Apps that can get you extra money

Foap - Are you ready to start selling your photos? Bookscouter - Start selling your old books Fieldagent - Job list app Cash for laptop - Sell your old laptop Expensify - Saves your time, helping you get things done quickly, so you can spend more time actually making money. Save

10 Things You Didn’t Knew About Coco Chanel

Before she became a fashion designer, Gabrielle Chanel was a cabaret singer. She earned the nickname ‘Coco’ when she started her career as a singer, because she loved to perform the songs ‘Ko Ko Ri Ko’ and ‘Qui qu`a vu Coco’. 3.The famous designer spent her childhood in an orphanage, after her mother died...

Funniest text messages from all times

Autocorrect plays tricks on mom Dad saves the day Cereal is life Autocorrect is always right When mom pranks dad When mom forgets how to Google    

Faith in humanity: restored

Man takes his sick dog to a lake every day because the water calms its pain. Cleaning company members dressed as superheroes while cleaning children hospital. Woman helps disabled runner to drink water Hairstylist gives free haircuts to homeless people in New York No one showed up for this autistic boy's birthday so mom asked Facebook for help...

5 highly attractive traits women should have

Kindness Sense of humour and positivity Passion Confidence Decisiveness Her own sense of style Save

4 Reasons on Why You Should Travel Alone

You do not need to struggle to search a partner who affords a trip.   You don’t need to argue with anyone when it comes to visiting a certain place. You’re always right. Are you sick and tired by a museum after just one hour? There is no pressure because you can leave anytime. If you’re doing...

What are your personality traits according to your favourite color?

RED Red signifies romance, courage, competitiveness, but is also a symbol of royalty. If your favorite color is red, it means you are a romantic who is not ashamed to express affection to loved ones in public. Moreover, you are a lively person who enjoys the attention of everyone around and you have the courage...

Mindblowing sidewalk paintings you would swear are real

The ladder Urban freedom Wildlife The king of the jungle comes to town Underground lights The airplane facing the storm Save

5 of the most STYLISH BAGS for 2017

1.The ‘chained’ bag 2016 is all about the bags with a chain instead of a strap. However, you should opt for the simple, neutral and midsized purses. The micro purse The micro purse is not very practical, but is the one of the stars of this fashion season. Choose a bold color such as pink or...

11 Movie Quotes that will give you THE CHILLS

Below are some of the most inspirational quotes from movies meant to give you the chills.

6 creative ways to learn a new language

Conversation exchange This method is great is you want to practice your speaking. Immersion programs The program allows you to live in a foreign country, with a native family. Memorize 1 000 common words Studies have shown that if you learn the basic 1 000 most common words of a language, you have no problem in speaking and...

6 things you definitely didn’t know about Pablo Escobar

Escobar was locked in a prison he built himself. In 1991, Pablo Escobar was locked in a prison he built himself and named it ’La Catedral’. According to an agreement with the Colombian government, Escobar was allowed to continue his businesses behind bars. The prison was equipped with a soccer field, gardens and barbecue...