20 Best 404 Error Pages Ever
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20 Best 404 Error Pages Ever

20 Best 404 Error Pages Ever

20 Best 404 Error Pages Ever

01 Bluegg’s Screaming Goat 404 Error Page
20 Best 404 Error Pages Ever

Site engineers have the choice of making their own particular 404 Not Found blunder pages for their locales, something many have done, however less have done well.

Of the 20 best 404 pages you’ll see today, the absolute best one I’ve run over was assembled by the people at Bluegg, a website architecture and marking consultancy situated in Cardiff, Wales in the UK.

See Bluegg’s 404 Error Page

I can simply envision the stun as a clueless web surfer arrives there on mishap, not realizing what’s in store. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

In the event that you appreciated that, make sure to look at the list items for goats hollering like people on YouTube. Yes, this is a thing.

In case you’re a Jurassic Park fan, you’ll cherish the following one…

02 Nouveller’s Jurassic Park 404 Error Page.

Keep in mind that scene from Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry, played by Wayne Knight, kept running off with the vial of solidified dinosaur fetuses, and left his hacked PC behind to wreck a wide range of ruin?

Because of Nouveller’s intelligent and to a great degree innovative 404 blunder page, you’re going to encounter a similar level of dissatisfaction that Ray Arnold, played by Samuel L. Jackson, did in the film.

See Nouveller’s 404 Error Page

Will you get in? The pleasure is all mine to attempt get to security, get to security matrix, or get to fundamental security network, yet none of those do it. Ok, ah, ah… you didn’t state the enchantment word!

Nouveller is a website architecture organization keep running by Benjamin Reid, situated in Bristol, UK.

03 Psyklone’s Fake File Transfer 404 Error Page

Psyklone’s landing page says it’s under development, implying that their imaginative 404 status page is more together than the site itself!

Immediately it would seem that you’ve coincidentally faltered into approximately 1980s time PC and you’re going to pay for it with a log of your movement and the programmed evacuation of the absolute most vital sorts of documents on your PC!

See Psyklone’s 404 Error Page

Simply recollect that is it’s not genuine! (Right?)

04 NPR’s Lost Stories 404 Error Page

NPR’s 404: Page Not Found landing must be one of the more innovative, offering genuine stories about “lost individuals, spots and things that still haven’t turned up.”

See NPR’s 404 Error Page

Along these lines, while you might not have arrived on the story you were after, you can at any rate share your sentiments of being lost by perusing about Amelia Earhart, the lost city of Atlantis, and even Waldo.

Ira Glass should do a This American Life appear about lost things. Gracious hold up, he did.

05 Dailymotion Cloud’s Rainy 404 Error Page

Dailymotion Cloud’s 404 not discovered page isn’t intelligent, but rather it’ll absolutely stand out enough to be noticed.

Well-done vivified mists and rain, before a 404 “sign” ought to get the message over that the page you attempted to reach doesn’t exist.

See Dailymotion Cloud’s 404 Error Page

Dailymotion Cloud offers video spilling administrations to organizations.

06 Audiko’s Artistic 404 Error Page

Audiko, a website that gives you a chance to download free ringtones, has one of the more diletantish 404 mistake pages I’ve seen.

See Audiko’s 404 Error Page

There are many distinctive 404 and lost subjects in their symbolism. Each time I take a gander at it, I see a couple of things I missed last time.

07 CSS-Tricks’ Hole-in-the-Internet 404 Error Page

The 404 blunder page utilized by CSS-Tricks must be one of the more smart ones that I’ve seen. Simply be watchful, or you’ll tear a gap directly through the texture of the Internet!

See CSS-Tricks’ 404 Error Page

Not exclusively is their 404: Not Found presentation page outwardly alluring (it would appear that a genuine tear, doesn’t it?) but at the same time it’s consummately in accordance with the site’s core interest.

On the off chance that it’s not clear as of now, CSS-Tricks is a site that plans to show CSS website composition aptitudes.

08 LEGO’s Unplugged 404 Error Page


The LEGO site, as you would likely expect, keenly utilizes LEGO characters in their 404 mistake point of arrival.

See LEGO’s 404 Error Page

I don’t know whether the LEGO fellow broke the way amongst you and the page you were after intentionally, or if he’s simply in stun subsequent to discovering it that way!

09 GOG.com’s Universal 404 Error Page

GOG.com’s404 Not Found page is upbeat to delineate the allegorical void that now exists set up of the page you were planning to discover.

See GOG.com’s 404 Error Page

I figure now we realize what happens when you tear a gap in the Internet.

GOG.com is an amusement and motion picture circulation stage.

10 GitHub’s Star Wars 404 Error Page

GitHub’s 404 blunder is an undeniable cap tip to Star Wars. It’s intuitive as well – move your mouse around for a fun impact.

See GitHub’s 404 Error Page

That resembles a Jawa, on Tatooine, isn’t that so?

GitHub is a product advancement site.

11 Orangecoat’s Flowchart 404 Error Page

OrangeCoat’s 404 bungle page easily beat the summary of the most strong, that is undoubtedly.

See OrangeCoat’s 404 Error Page

Just answer the fundamental yes/no request in the flowchart and will without a doubt leave happy from this typically vexed screw up page.

OrangeCoat is a site sythesis association arranged in Greenville, SC.

12 Blizzard Entertainment’s Broken 404 Error Page

The 404 mistake you get at Blizzard Entertainment is done, with a menu that is holding tight for dear life and even “broken glass.”

See Blizzard Entertainment’s 404 Error Page

My most loved part? The scarcely joined menu really works!

Tempest Entertainment is a computer game advancement and distributing organization situated in Irvine, CA.

13 Limpfish’s Personal Ad 404 Error Page

Limpfish.com’s404 mistake page is an imaginative interpretation of the exemplary individual promotion. Urgently looking for HTML is correct!

See Limpfish’s 404 Error Page

Limpfish.com is the individual site of David Barton.

14 The New Yorker’s Lost Rat 404 Error Page


The New Yorker, a standout amongst the most mainstream magazines on the planet, has a charming 404 page.

See The New Yorker’s 404 Error Page

I don’t think about you, however that imitates the sentiments I have when I see a 404 blunder.


15 Huwshimi and Friends’ Ninja Thief 404 Error Page

{The|The particular|Typically the} 404 blunder page that surfaces on the Huwshimi and Friends site {doesn’t|does not|won’t} do anything exceptional, yet it wears an extremely cool ninja, which is sufficient for me.

{See Observe Notice} Huwshimi and Friends’ 404 Error Page

I’d support that you visit the site’s purpose of {landing|getting|obtaining} and range for the record {you were|you had been|that you were} after, in any case you’re more than welcome to try their recommendation: “You should return when the {moon|celestial satellite|celestial body overhead} has mates and the fox is picked {up|upward|upwards}. “

Howdy, you never know.

16 Bitly’s Dead Fish 404 Error Page

The 404 Not Found welcome page for Bitly highlights… a dead fish. In any occasion I trust it’s a fish. I don’t know I’d go to dead fish when considering missing site pages, yet to each his own.

See Bitly’s 404 Error Page

Move your mouse near the water’s surface for a touch of an effect. I haven’t comprehends how to revive the poor fish, in any case.

Bitly is a URL shortening organization.

17 Homestar Runner’s You Are Stupid 404 Error Page

Inconsiderate? Yes. Smart? Likewise yes.

See Homestar Runner’s 404 Error Page

There are a lot of motivations to get a 404 mistake when you arrive on a site and, yes, one of them is on the grounds that… well… you messed up.

I could never go so far as to state “…you are dumb” yet beyond any doubt, we get the joke.

Homestar Runner is a web toon arrangement.


18 Magnt’s Venn Diagram 404 Error Page

Magnt’s 404 point of arrival endeavors to clarify the 404 blunder with a Venn graph.

See Magnt’s 404 Error Page

Actually, however, you get a 404 blunder in light of the fact that a site broke something or you can’t sort, implying that 404 Page ought to have its own particular hover, with a crossing point with each of alternate circles. In any case, I stray…

Magnt is a prepackaged site benefit.


19 MailChimp’s Frozen Monkey 404 {Error|Mistake|Problem} Page

I won’t {start to|begin to|learn to|commence to} think about why as a 404 {spoil|ruin} {is best|is most beneficial} tended to {by a|with a|by way of a|by the} solidified monkey (I {acknowledge|recognize} it is their affiliation mascot) {regardless|irrespective|no matter} I couldn’t not {share|discuss|reveal|talk about|promote|show} this one.

See MailChimp’s 404 {Error|Mistake|Problem} Page

The {page|web page|webpage|site} says: {This isn’t|This is not} {the thing|finished .} you’re chasing down. Wow – no fooling!

MailChimp {is an|can be an} email flyer {advantage|benefit|edge|benefits|advantages|gain}.

20 Not A Niche’s Joke 404 Error Page

Not A Niche’s Error 404 page, which they call a DANG IT! Page Not Found! mistake, highlights a long arrangement of picture based jokes, which you can push through by reviving the page.

See Not A Niche’s 404 Error Page

So while you didn’t discover what you were searching for, in any event you can have a little snicker about it.

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