20 Heartwarming Photos That Prove There’s So Much More Kindness In The World Than We Think

20 Heartwarming Photos That Prove There’s So Much More Kindness In The World Than We Think

The world can be an incredibly tough place, and it’s important to always keep in mind the positive aspects of life. Of course, there’s no greater example of that goodness than when strangers commit random acts of kindness for one another.

When compassionate people help each other and expect nothing in return, it can truly help you see the world in a new light. No matter how much time or money you have, there are ways to make a significant, positive impact on the world, making it a better place overall. Just check out these 20 photos…

1. When a gunman opened fire with an AR-15 rifle in a Tennessee Waffle House in April 2018, customer James Shaw Jr. heroically managed to disarm the assailant, saving several lives in the process! This was the selfie he took of his injuries at the hospital that night.

2. A man recently planned to take his own life by jumping from a highway overpass to the road below. That was when 13 truck drivers parked their semi-trucks side-by-side beneath the bridge so he couldn’t jump.

3. One woman decided to surprise her blind daughter on her ninth birthday by making her pieces of chocolate with braille written on them. The messages said “Happy birthday” as well as “I love you.”

4. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of people were left without power, and they were unable to charge their phones to tell their loved ones they were okay. This store, which had power, set up a power strip to allow New Yorkers to charge their phones.

5. In China, a police station employee feeds the service dogs at the end of their shift every single night. The dogs get in a single file line and hold a bowl in their mouths, waiting their turn as a station worker pours a ladle into each of their bowls.

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