Meet The 17-Year-Old Who’s Training To Be One Of The First People To Set Foot On Mars In 2033

Meet The 17-Year-Old Who’s Training To Be One Of The First People To Set Foot On Mars In 2033

Many people would agree that to be truly happy in life, you should dedicate yourself to a passion project beneficial to more than just yourself. Some aim to bring spiritual enlightenment to loved ones through their religion, and others aim to improve their communities. But one girl from Louisiana’s ambitions might just benefit everyone—yep, everyone—on planet Earth.

At just three years old, a little girl watched a silly kid’s cartoon that inspired her to think beyond the world she lived in. From that moment on, she pursued a new life’s passion with admirable and unbelievable intensity, aiming, in the end, to leave a lasting impact on all of humankind despite the serious risks.

In some ways, 17-year-old Alyssa Carson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is just like any teenager. She plays soccer with her friends and chess with her dad. But even she wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s a regular teen.

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While kids her age fill out college applications or worry about their lives after high school, Alyssa has her eyes on another kind of application—one with a chance to change not just her life, but the world itself.

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The second she turns 18 in 2019, Alyssa plans on filling out the application for NASA’s astronaut training program. Her hope isn’t to study on the International Space Station or leap on the the moon like Neil Armstrong. Her ambitions go even further.  

If everything goes according to Alyssa’s plan, she’ll be the first human being ever to step foot on Mars! And this isn’t some silly teenage dream: her dedication to this goal makes even the most committed workaholics’s head spin.

Her interest in space started at just three years old. Little Alyssa watched an episode of the kids cartoon Backyardigans where barnyard animals, below, went on a trip to Mars. After the episode, the curious little girl went to her father, Bert.

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