Watching Babies Meet Animals For The First Time Might Just Be The Cutest Footage Ever

Watching Babies Meet Animals For The First Time Might Just Be The Cutest Footage Ever

For the most part, we are biologically wired to find babies adorable. And how could we not? Their cheeks are so plump and their laughs so infectious that we just can’t seem to help ourselves around these tiny humans! There is one thing, however, that can make even the most precious baby even cuter.

The secret: add an animal to the mix! Who could possibly resist? Just in case you need some proof, these following baby-animal duos are so charming, you won’t be able to contain your delight. See if you can make it through the whole list without cracking a smile…

1. This little piglet looks like he’s either trying to teach the baby how to say “oink!” or teaching him the words to “Old MacDonald.” Either way, the baby just wants a kiss from his sweet friend.

2. These two look like they’ve been in an intense staring competition for the past few hours—and it seemed like the baby is going to win. The dog’s expression says, “Okay, you won this round. Now let’s go find a treat!”

3. Did this newborn’s parents really think there was a chance the mama dog wasn’t going to try and get some early snuggles? She’s like, “You don’t need a babysitter, I’ll keep a close eye on her for you!”

4. Birds are known singers and whistlers, so you can imagine this one is probably trying to sing this little cutie to sleep. But who can really get some shut-eye when there’s a bird to hang out with?

5. Here we see a cat trying to teach the baby to be more ferocious than her appearance would suggest. He’s probably saying “I like to pretend I’m a lion, then no one will take any of my treats from me.”

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