Brock Turner’s Lawyer Tells Court His Client Wanted “Outercourse”

Brock Turner’s Lawyer Tells Court His Client Wanted “Outercourse”

San Jose’s Mercury News reported back in December that the former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who spent three months in jail after being convicted on the charges of assault and an attempt for r*pe an intoxicated girl, was appealing this decision.

Turner’s lawyer, Eric Multhaup, tried to convince an appellate court that the conviction of his client should be overturned because Turner wanted “outercourse” with the victim, not “intercourse”. According to Multhaup, “outercourse” is a fully-clothed s*xual contact.

The panel of justices, who have 90 days to issue a ruling, appeared skeptical about Multhaup’s argument. One justice said that she absolutely doesn’t understand what Multhaup is talking about.
Turner was found guilty in March 2016 of three felony counts originating from his assault at a Kappa Alpha frat party back in January 2015. Witnesses saw Turner pushing his hips on top of a partially clothed, unconscious woman. He didn’t serve much time, but he will have to register as a s*x offender for the rest of his life.

Michele Dauber who spearheaded the campaign to recall Judge Aaron Persky after Turner’s absurdly soft sentence said that Turner now has a brand new story. According to her, it’s inappropriate to ask the appeals court to substitute its judgment for the jury.

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