Clocked Her: Shocking footage of American football fan being punched by police officer

Clocked Her: Shocking footage of American football fan being punched by police officer

Clocked Her: Shocking footage of American football fan being punched by police officer

Bridget Freitas has been named as the football fan who was “knocked out” by a police officer

This shocking footage shows a female American football fan being punched by a police officer as she’s removed from a game.

A clip of the incident between the fan and police at the University of Miami football game against Virginia Tech, on Saturday, has emerged.

The footage shows the woman fan being carried out of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, by four police officers.

The 30-year-old appears to resist arrest, attempting to grab onto other fans, but the quartet of Miami-Dade officers raise her up over a barrier and carry her towards the exit.

The woman, named as Bridget Freitas from Pembroke Pines, begins to lash out at a male officer.

After swiping at him twice, the disgruntled officer hits her hard in the face, snapping her head back and stopping her attempts to hit him.

Some reports claim Freitas was “knocked out” by the strike.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez named policeman Douglas Ros ,as the man who hit her, while holding her right leg.

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said today the department is “gathering all of the details to gain a clear understanding of what occurred,” according to the Miami Herald.

The police department said officers were responding to a Section 129 disturbance, where a woman was swearing loudly and acting in “a loud and boisterous manner”.

Freitas, a registered nurse, was arrested on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

The footage has divided the internet as hundreds condemned the officer, while others said Freitas ‘needed to be brought under control’.

Police union President John Rivera told the Miami Herald he believes the strike was justified.

He said: “All he did was react to her actions.”

Sonya Garrison wrote on Facebook: “Well when a woman hits a man she puts herself in a mans shoes!! So if a woman dont (sic) want to be hit by a man dont (sic) hit him.”

Cathy Hughes added: “he should have never touched him!!! People have no respect for the Law! Much less for everyday people…”

Nick Doyon, the fan who reportedly filmed the footage, which has now been shared 3,000 times disagreed.

“Everyone was disgusted by it,” he reportedly said in an interview, News Miami reported.

“Whether or not she kicked him or whatever she was doing, you can see in the video, she doesn’t deserve to be punched in the face like that, especially by a grown man.”

Nunzia Menza also said it was far too heavy handed.

“I saw another video of this and you can tell the women was on drugs or really drunk,” she wrote.

“She was just swinging at anything. Didn’t need to be punched in the face like that. That cop could have caused brain damage.”

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