Eminem Opens "Mom's Spaghetti" To Coachella

Eminem Opens “Mom’s Spaghetti” To Coachella

Eminem Opens Mom's Spaghetti To Coachella

Eminem Opens “Mom’s Spaghetti” To Coachella

Festival goers at this year’s Coachella can tuck into some of Eminem’s iconic ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’.

The rapper launched a successful pop-up of the same name in Detroit last year and now, ahead of his Coachella performances, he’s treated fans with a second helping.

Featuring in the lyrics to his 2002 hit ‘Lose Yourself’, the restaurant has been a big hit with fans who may or may not want to vomit on their sweaters’ after eating there.

His Coachella pop-up has pretty decent prices, according to the LA Times, which says that for $9 (£6.32) you can grab yourself a portion of pasta, you can add meatballs for an additional $2 (£1.40) or tuck into a s’ghetti sandwich for $11 (£7.72) – spaghetti, sauce and mozzarella between a couple of slices of garlic bread.

Judging by the photos popping up on social media, Mom’s Spaghetti is going down a storm, I suppose it’s not every day you can eat a piece of musical history, is it?

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One fan was already planning on going back next year, Gigi Garcia told the LA Times: “I want to know if it’s just this year because he’s playing, or if they will be here next year too. I bet the spaghetti is good.”

His last pop-up was hosted to coincide with the release of album Revival and Marshall Mathers was there to sign autographs and his new album was playing while diners ate.

Eminem, 45, is headling the festival on Sunday evening in his first appearance at Coachella since 2012. He previously appeared with Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and a hologram of Tupac.

There’s vomit on my sweater already. #MomsSpaghetti #popupshop #Revival @eminem

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‘It’s a brilliant name for a spaghetti restaurant,’ said another food/music fan Megan Black, a 22-year-old from Toronto. ‘We were drawn to it because of the name.’

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