23 Genius Life Hacks That Are So Simple It’s A Wonder Nobody Thought Of Them Before

23 Genius Life Hacks That Are So Simple It’s A Wonder Nobody Thought Of Them Before

Every day we trudge through seemingly a million tasks in order to make some sort of progress or to be productive. Some of them are no big deal, but others can feel like they are way too much hassle than they’re worth. Everybody feels like this, so why don’t we try changing things?

These 23 life hacks make otherwise mundane tasks so easy to complete that you’ll feel foolish for not thinking of them yourself! Stop wasting time and start putting these hacks to good use so you can cross off that to-do list once and for all!

1. Put your shoe organizer in your pantry: While you might not think “feet” and “food” are two things that belong in the same universe—let alone the same tiny room—just try hanging a (clean) over-the-door shoe organizer in your cupboard. Just look at how perfectly it holds produce!

2. Book knife block: Sure, you can spend a lot of money buying an expensive wooden or metallic knife block for your kitchen knives. But why do that when you can store them inside some cute vintage books like this woman did?

3. Key ring fly: If you have a great pair of jeans but you never wear them because the zipper can’t be trusted, try this hack! The key ring loops over the button at your waist to keep the zipper from sliding down every time you move.

4. DIY chip and dip: If you want to display your chips and various dips in a classy way, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks for a fancy combo bowl. Instead, just place a martini glass in your chip bowl and fill it with the dips of your choosing!

5. Baby wipes for stray hairs: If you have long hair, then chances are you’ve had to do battle with flyaways every now and then. Agonize over them no more! Next time, just pat them down with a baby wipe and you’ll be as good as gold.

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