Mother & Son’s Hysterical Wedding Dance Has Everyone In Stitches.

Mother & Son’s Hysterical Wedding Dance Has Everyone In Stitches.

Everybody wants their weddings to be unique and memorable, but there are just some time-honored traditions that aren’t to be omitted.

The father-daughter and mother-son dances are always favorites at receptions, but many come with unique twists. We’ve all seen videos of parents starting out dancing with their children to a slow song, only for the music to change to something more upbeat. Which is precisely what happened at Jared Dauenhauer’s wedding, but the backstory behind the dance is what makes it truly unique.


He and his wife, AlLee, were married in July 2014, and a mother-son dance was, of course, part of the program. But practicing their moves ahead of the big day was problematic, because Jared and his mom, Mary, lived in different states. How do you coordinate when the Mom lives in Michigan and the groom-to-be lives in Tennessee?

FaceTime, of course!

We just tried to have fun with it. So it was kind of some of the stuff we’ve seen in other wedding videos. And the rest of it was like, ‘How can I get my mom to try to dance hip hop?’

Fortunately, Mary was a true sport about the whole thing and worked hard to nail down the moves for a truly memorable performance. Although, she had some trouble remembering the names of some of them!

“I just liked that it was a surprise that people didn’t know it was coming,” AlLee said. “Also, I think the ‘Stanky Leg’ part, his mom kept calling it the ‘Janky Leg.’”

jared mom slow dance

Jared and Mom start out dancing to Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me,” and the guests settle back to watch as they slowly sway back and forth — until the dreaded record scratch.

They appear just as baffled as everyone else, but it doesn’t last. They take their cue seconds later when the next song cuts in, “Stayin’ Alive,” and whip out the shades!

jared mom stayin alive

The next two minutes are like a mother-son variation of that “Evolution of Dance” video that was so popular years ago, with Jared and Mary smoothly transitioning from The Bee Gees to MC Hammer (“Can’t Touch This”)…

jared and mom dancing

Then broke into The Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache”… Psy’s “Gangnam Style”… and Family Force’s “Chainsaw”.

jared mom gangnum style

And the routine wraps up with a mash of hip-hop!


Watch this hilarious duo pull off the dance of their lives in the clip below and share if you’re still laughing by the time it’s over!

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