Pit Bull Puppy’s Reunion With The Man That Saved Him Couldn’t Be Any More Heartwarming

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reunion With The Man That Saved Him Couldn’t Be Any More Heartwarming

While they may not be able to communicate it through language, rescue dogs most certainly recognize the people who save them. What they lack in ability to speak, they more than make up for in kisses and cuddles!

Yet, perhaps in part because they can’t communicate with us verbally, they can also be full of surprises. Sometimes that means showing sides of their personalities that we never thought possible upon that initial rescue… or that you wouldn’t expect even a dog to show to strangers!

As the owner of Baie St. Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, Joey Wagner was used to taking care of animals in need. For instance, in 2012, he learned of a pit bull-American Staffordshire terrier mix that was suffering from extreme demodectic mange that had eliminated most of his hair and sent him to the brink of death.

Upon further investigation, Joey discovered that this dog—named Mojo—had been abused as a bait dog in dog fighting circles. He brought the pup to a local animal hospital, where veterinarians were unsure whether Mojo would even survive his condition.

However, this was one dog who wasn’t going down without a fight! With perseverance, Mojo slowly pulled through. He wasn’t able to be put up for adoption immediately, though, because his mange was so extreme.

Nonetheless, in time and with the help of his determined caretakers at the animal hospital, little Mojo found the strength to heal. It was a slow and difficult process, but his health improved steadily.

Once Mojo was healthy enough, Joey was eager to return to the veterinarian to adopt his four-legged friend. Initially, after everything he’d just been through, the pup almost seemed too shy or hurt to realize who was visiting him…

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