Pregnant Foster Pup Gets Maternity Photoshoot & We’re All Swooning!

Pregnant Foster Pup Gets Maternity Photoshoot & We’re All Swooning!

When it comes to finding forever homes for homeless pets, few things are as effective as doing a photo shoot and circulating the results on social media.

That’s exactly what Sarah Freeman does with the foster dogs she takes in and cares for as a volunteer with the Charlotte, North Carolina, SPCA. Any number of pups who’re looking for that special someone are featured on her Facebook page. But the subject of a recent photo shoot has melted hearts everywhere, and we’re sure it’s just a matter of time before this sweet mama and her little ones are snatched up.

And they haven’t even been born yet! 

ima flower garland

That’s right, this dedicated volunteer did a maternity shoot for one of her fosters. Meet Ima!

dog ima pregnant

She’s in the final days of her pregnancy and just look at how she’s radiating with that pre-birth glow. As Sarah said in her Facebook post, “Every mother-to-be deserves a maternity photoshoot!”

ima smiling

The sweet lady seems to be basking in her final few days when she can get a full night’s rest. Pretty soon, she’ll be nursing and dealing with needy pups nonstop. But for now, just look at that grin!

ima pregnant dog

Sarah’s using the photo shoot not only as a creative outlet and way to find homes for Ima and her brood, but also to help raise funds for the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

ima looking over shoulder

Anyone who wants to make a donation specifically to Ima and her litter can go here, then put Ima’s name in the comments section of the donation.

ima pregnant dog shoot

Ima’s certainly going to have her paws full for a while, so she’ll appreciate any help she receives!

Let’s hope Sarah hauls out her camera again after the pups are born so we get to see some of the shots from her newborn shoot. Share to spread congratulations to Ima and thanks to Sarah for all the work she does on behalf of dogs.

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