Woman’s Cat Comes Home With A Strange Note On Her Collar Asking About Her Home

Woman’s Cat Comes Home With A Strange Note On Her Collar Asking About Her Home

Anyone with an outdoor cat can attest to having just a little bit of anxiety when it comes to letting their kitty roam around freely. Sure, cats are pretty independent and are more than capable of handling their own business, thank you very much, but they can get into all sorts of trouble during the day, too.

The same goes for dogs, who have a reputation for finding their families after long journeys, but aren’t usually trusted to go off on their own adventures. Both of these animals, however, surprised everyone when their love for random excursions had their respective humans very concerned…

Having an outdoor cat means giving your pet the freedom to roam wherever they please—which can lead to lots of adventures, of course, but also the occasional bit of trouble. Still, no pet owner wants to limit their kitty’s natural instinct to explore.

For the most part, cats are independent and resourceful enough to handle themselves without human protection, but it can still be difficult to trust that they’re staying safe while they’re prowling around town!

Taryn / Flickr

One Imgur user from the United Kingdom often allowed her cat, Nala, to roam freely during the day. She knew that Nala was more than capable of taking care of herself. So, it came as a surprise to her when her kitty arrived home with something odd attached to her collar…

It was a letter that said “Please read” on the front. The Imgur user unfolded the letter and her heart immediately warmed. “Hi,” the note began. “Your lovely cat visits us two-to-three times a day. We would love to know her name and where she lives in case of injury.”

This was quite a helpful offer! “Nala ventures into the outside a lot,” said the Imgur user. “Luckily our neighborhood is nice, so it’s not a problem, but I was surprised when she had this on her collar.” It was nice to know that her cat was being looked after during her adventures…

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