Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Skidding Blac Chyna - Watch The Video

Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Skidding Blac Chyna – Watch The Video

Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Skidding Blac Chyna - Watch The Video

Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Skidding Blac Chyna – Watch The Video

Dad is determined to do everything possible to ensure the safety of his daughter.
Not surprisingly, Blac Chyna’s latest escapades have tense the Kardashian family members and heavy consequences are to be expected. According to TMZ, Rob Kardashian is “furious” against his ex-fiancée after his last firing of plumbs and intends to make arrangements so that this kind of incident does not happen again.

Tired of the explosive nature of his ex, the 31-year-old is preparing his counterattack. According to our colleagues, the brother of Kim K plans to seize a judge to recall certain “strict rules” to Blac Chyna, including that of controlling at all costs its behavior when it is in the presence of their child. “He has been watching his antics with horror for months now and he is more and more worried about the health and safety of his daughter.At attacking a woman with Dream’s stroller is the last straw.” TMZ.


On April 1, 2018, Blac Chyna was accompanied by their daughter Dream (16 months), her son King Cairo (5 years old, born of her past relationship with Tyga) and her new boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay (18) for a supposedly fun day at Six Flags Amusement Park when she was involved in a fight. Social media videos exposed the 29-year-old mother threatening teenage girls trying to throw Dream’s plastic car in their faces. Fortunately, she was restrained by those around her who prevented her from raising a hand on anyone. Dream and King Cairo seemed away from the excitement, protected by their nanny.

Blac Chyna at an amusement park in Los Angeles on April 1, 2018

As a result of this altercation, the former stripper was justified on social networks, defending herself to be a violent person. “Celebrity is hard enough to be watched, but when someone feels comfortable enough to come and touch your kids, it’s a different story,” she explained on Snapchat and Instagram.

But these explanations are not enough for Rob. In addition, the young father is also anxious about the dating of his ex, especially those that involve his love life. Still according to TMZ, he would like to impose a rule to Blac Chyna, that of waiting “six months and more” before she presents a new boyfriend to their daughter Dream.

Finally, he would like to review the amount of support he pays to her each month. Currently, Rob Kardashian pays $ 20,000 a month to his former partner, an amount he considers “ridiculous for many reasons.” The first being that the ex-couple has shared custody at “50/50” of the baby and that this arrangement does not justify such a pension. The second, even more convincing, is that Blac Chyna now earns much more than Rob Kardashian, to subscribers absent from reality TV for several years. “Rob will therefore go to court soon to ask for a significant reduction in alimony,” conclude our colleagues.

Blac Chyna must already be biting her fingers for losing her temper. The girl has indeed lost a big contract with a brand of strollers, Momiie. Sub pennies on the bank account …

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