15 Things You Need To Know About Imran Khan

15 Things You Need To Know About Imran Khan

In the past few days, Pakistan faced tumultuous circumstances. First with the arrest of ex-prime minister and then the outrage of terrorists just before general elections, 2018. Meanwhile, Pakistan sustained and reportedly have a new representation this time…Imran Khan.

Image Source: Facebook/Imran Khan (official)

There are certain things you might not know about Khan.

  • He used to be shy

Khan, the cricketer turned philanthropist and politician, was an introvert in his childhood. Even in his cricketing career, he used to stay oriented in his chores than indulging in socializing.

Image Source: Facebook/پاکستان تحریکِ انصآف چکوال Pti پنجآب
  • Khan has a degree in politics

Imran Khan, 65, went to one of most prestigious college in Pakistan, Aitchison college. Afterward, he was sent to Keble College, Oxford, where he studied Philosophy, Political science, and Economics.

Image Source: Facebook/M jamal butt
  • Khan is a brother to 4 sisters

Khan is the only brother to 4 sisters. Though in politics he denied forming any dynasty however his sisters do support him with his social work projects.

Image Source: Facebook/Imran Khan (official)

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