20 Times People Stumbled Across Completely Unexpected Items In Plain Sight

20 Times People Stumbled Across Completely Unexpected Items In Plain Sight

Finding something unexpected is always a pretty cool experience. Whether it’s something unusual you find in your own home that you never knew existed, or something you stumble across while spending time outdoors, it usually results in an interesting story to tell others.

Check out what these 20 people stumbled across while they were going about their day. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of things that are out there waiting to be found!

1. When you open up a bag of peas, you expect to find, well… peas. This person was in for quite the shock when they picked out a miniature pea pod. Now they can make a bite-sized bowl of split-pea soup!

2. While driving along the coast of North Carolina, this person came across a massive fossilized tooth of a megalodon. One thing’s for sure: thank god those things aren’t roaming the oceans today!

3. For some strange reason, the Dutch island of Terschelling was covered in thousands of running shoes one morning. If anyone planned on going for their daily jog, this was the place to start.

4. Unbelievably, one year later on the exact same beach, thousands of bananas had washed ashore. Somewhere out in the ocean was a banana boat captain who was going to have to answer some pretty uncomfortable questions.

5. While one couple was doing some home renovations on their bathroom, they came across this note written by another couple in 1981! Bob and Debbie sure seemed to have a ball wallpapering the room. Couples who wallpaper together, stay together!

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