United States: A man suspected of being the "Golden State killer" arrested
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United States: A man suspected of being the “Golden State killer” arrested

United States A man suspected of being the Golden State killer arrested viralnova

United States: A man suspected of being the “Golden State killer” arrested

The California police arrested a man suspected of being the “Golden State killer”, who was responsible for mass murders and murders in the 1970s and 1980s. This serial killer terrorized the public.
He was one of the most wanted men in the United States, who mysteriously escaped the authorities for forty years. During the 1970s and 1980s, the “Golden State Killer” raped about 50 women and murdered 12 people, in addition to 120 burglaries.

Joseph James DeAngelo, a former police officer suspected of being the one who terrorized California and horrified America, was arrested Wednesday (April 25th) by police teams waiting for him to leave his home in a suburb of Sacramento. Surprised, he did not resist, said Sheriff Scott Jones.

Recovered through DNA analysis, he is suspected of having committed 12 murders, about fifty sometimes sadistic rapes, in addition to 120 burglaries in California between 1976 and 1986, according to the FBI. He is now at risk of ending his days in jail.

The age of his victims ranged from 14 to 41 years old. Most of the crimes attributed to him occurred near Sacramento, but some occurred in the Bay of San Francisco and the southern California coast, as far as Orange County.

He broke into his victims’ homes at night, sometimes when the house was empty, hiding and getting ready. He often assaulted single women when they slept or couples, tying them, then raping women in front of their mate. It also had the distinction of stealing personal items, such as cufflinks engraved with initials.

“It’s time for all victims to breathe”

Joseph James DeAngelo was a California police officer in the 1970s who was fired for shoplifting, according to the daily Sacramento Bee. “It is possible that he committed these crimes when he was employed as a police officer,” said Sheriff Jones, adding that the authorities were trying to determine if this is the case or not.

“It’s time for all victims to breathe and (…) to end the anxiety they have suffered in the last 40 years,” said Bruce Harrington, voice trembling, at the press conference. His brother and sister-in-law were murdered in 1980 at home, and DeAngelo is the main suspect.

The investigation, which has become “cold” for decades, has seen a dramatic turnaround in the past six days, said Sacramento prosecutor Anne Marie Schubert at a news conference without giving more details about the way the investigators obtained the DNA that led them to the suspect.

The “Golden State Killer” was the subject of the book of the American writer Michelle McNamara, “And I will disappear in the night”, published this year. She was the one who found this nickname, like other serial killers of the time like the “Zodiac”, about a film by David Fincher, or the “night stalker” (“Night Stalker “).

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