Why Do We Have To Lose Our Sh*t Before Our Family Listens?

Why Do We Have To Lose Our Sh*t Before Our Family Listens?

They had dinner at her mom’s house last night, and she was looking forward to it for days. Even going somewhere for a dinner feels like a luxury sometimes, especially when you have someone else to cook for you.

She prepared the kids on the way there about minding their manners because almost every kid needs a reminder on how to behave when they are guests in someone’s home.

As soon as they sat down for the dinner, the ‘bathroom habits’ talk started. She gave them her “You better shut your face right now or you are done” look, but they continued. So, she decided to use her words and tell them they better stop or else…
It worked for two minutes only, and they started it again. The youngest one started rolling on the floor asking for dessert.

It marked the breaking point. She started yelling, and they listened.
The kids constantly ask us why we yell so much, and we don’t have a problem raising our voices even in public, especially when the kids are causing a sh*tshow. If they are going to act inappropriately, we’re gonna call them out on it.

What we don’t understand is why parents need to lose their sh*t and start yelling in order to be heard? Children don’t take us seriously up until our face turns red and we look like we’re about to blow off.

We could avoid so much of it if they just did what we told them to do in the first time, or if they stopped acting like complete a-holes as soon as we gave them “the look”.

Warnings don’t work, and that’s a fact.

Moms are repeating ourselves constantly and we wonder how our families are unable to avoid making us yell, scream and punish them at the end. It would make everyone’s life easier.
It doesn’t matter which snacks or electronics you take away, or how many time-outs you give. They would rather indulge in their “satisfying” bad behavior at the moment.

They know that we win in the end, whether we have our voice or not. What we don’t understand is why they HAVE to bring us to the breaking point? It just makes things worse for all of us!

Eventually, they will realize that life would be straight up magical for all of us and they will follow the damn rules. In the meantime, we will be losing our voice while waiting for it to happen.

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