Women Are Having Intercourse With Ghosts Because They Are Fed Up With Mortal Men

Women Are Having Intercourse With Ghosts Because They Are Fed Up With Mortal Men

Women Are Having Intercourse With Ghosts Because They Are Fed Up With Mortal Men

Two women came out recently about their s*xual experiences with ghosts! Yep, you read that right, and as it turns out, they are not the first to claim that they’ve gotten intimate with the paranormal.

Sian Jameson is a woman that spoke out about her s*xual encounter with a handsome ghost in a remote Welsh cottage earlier this week, following her traumatic breakup with her long-term boyfriend. The “ghost” first visited her in a series of dreams, and then he materialized beside her. She says that she felt all kinds of things about him during the lovemaking. He lived over 100 years ago and his name was Robert. According to her, his body was ‘soft and light, and he felt almost weightless’. However, the s*x was amazing!

Just a few days after, a woman named Amethyst Realm appeared on a British daytime TV show called ‘This Morning’, and she also claimed that she had intimate intercourse with ghosts in her home. She says that she has not been with humans ever since, and her first encounter with a ghost was 10 years ago. Realm was caught mid-coitus by her “mortal fiance” when he returned early one day from a trip away. She explains that her fiance saw the shape of a man through the spare room window.

He broke up with her, and she and the ghost decided to have intercourse everywhere in the house. Realm ended her inter-dimensional affair because the ghost “started to appear less”. However, she started to be intimate with a variety of ghosts after that, and she proclaims that she has no interest in men now.

For centuries now, paranormal s*x has been the subject across many cultures. From Lamia, the Grecian shapeshifter that lures men and then takes their lives, to Yuki-Onna, the Japanese vampire who is said to sleep with men and then take their soul. There are also the myths about Lilith and Melusina who seduce men in order to birth demons.

The fascination has persisted even in the modern age, and many people, including the pop star Kesha, have reported such experiences.
Jason Haws, the founder of the Atlantic Paranormal Society and cast member of SyFy’s series called Ghost Hunters says that it is usually called ‘spectrophilia’ and there have been many people who have claimed to have been consensual s*xual intercourse with human spirits.

Lloyd Auerbach, the director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations and president of the Forever Family Foundation says that if one is experiencing unwanted or harmful advances from ghosts, the solution is to visualize a force field surrounding them and to energetically deflect the predatory phantom.

“The living have more power psychically than the dead would ever have” – he adds.

However, he explains that these experiences are often nuanced. People who think they’ve had intimate intercourse with ghosts are often going through tough break-ups or they are mourning the death of a lover, so in many of the cases, the ghost in question is just a creation of the unconscious mind.

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