Women Are Using VIBRATING Alarm Clocks To Start Their Say With A ‘BANG’

Women Are Using VIBRATING Alarm Clocks To Start Their Say With A ‘BANG’

Thousands of weary women are woken each day by a screeching alarm before dragging themselves out of bed reluctantly.
However, there’s a new little device that makes women wake up each day with an orgasm.

Little Rooster is a plastic device that costs $140 and it combines a vibrator and a clock. The product is apparently delivering on its promise, and there are many satisfied customers that credit the device with dramatic improvements in their s*x lives.

The brand describes Little Rooster like ‘a heaven’ for people who love morning s*x.

One user wrote that she wore it during romantic dinners on her honeymoon, and she had set it to go off during dessert or as they sat watching the sunset over the beach. The waiters must have thought that she hadn’t had creme brûlée in years!

Another one wrote that she was wearing the device during her commute to work, and she even said that her colleagues noticed a change in her behavior.

Other commenters reported that they wore the Little Rooster while on their first-time Tinder dates, and it made them feel very naughty.
The alarm clock is perfect for long-term couples with children, according to the reviews, with the device putting the spice back in such relationships.

‘We’d almost given up but now I wear Little Rooster for twenty minutes beforehand. It has made such a difference!’ – wrote one woman

You should wear the clever contraption inside the underwear, and it manages to arouse women from their slumber.
The alarm has 27 levels of intensity, as well as a snooze option and travel lock function.
You can order it here.

$140 is a small price to pay for the promise of waking up with a big smile on your face each day.

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