Wreck-It Ralph sequel unites every single Disney princess ever in one movie

Wreck-It Ralph sequel unites every single Disney princess ever in one movie

If you have always wanted to see a movie that brought all the Disney princesses together, look no further! A newly released Wreck-It Ralph 2 photo shows a sneak peek of Disney fans’ dreams come true: all the princesses are gathered in one room with Vanellope von Schweetz. 

All the Disney princesses are coming together! (Image source: YouTube)

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A scene in the movie features Cinderella, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, Moana, Snow White, Jasmine, Merida, Elsa and Anna. The princesses are seen with startled expressions when Vanellope tumbles into their chamber out of nowhere. She has actually travelld to a fan website called OhMyDisney.com and has landed in the princesses’ dressing room.

A princess in her own right, Vanellope causes the princesses some alarm. They instantly react; Cinderella picks up her glass slipper, Mulan reaches for her sword, Merida tauts her bow and Pocahontas puts on a scowl. This scene was revealed at D23, Disney’s fan expo in Anaheim, California last year.

The list includes Princess Vanellope (Image source: YouTube)
This is probably going to be the biggest crossover in Disney history (Image source: YouTube)

As Vanellope interacts with the princesses, they talk to her about being way different than the typical stereotypes associated with them. They reveal themselves to be real people with real issues, causing Vanellope to say they are ‘just as messed up as the rest of us’.

Later, she joins them in a princess slumber party where she finds out that Jasmine is allergic to cats, including own pet tiger, Rajah. Not only that, but Snow White admits she really wears glasses and Tiana is seen cutting loose by letting her hair down!

She startles the princesses when she bursts in to their dressing room (Image source: YouTube)
Moana and Elsa look shocked (Image source: YouTube)

Fans find out that OhMyDisney.com has more than just princesses when C-3PO also makes an appearance. He interacts with the princesses who jokingly call him by various names such as R2-D2 and BB-8. It annoys him and he leaves in a huff, saying he misses Captain Solo. Asides from C-3PO, fans also see Marvel’s Stan Lee make an appearance!

Pochontas gives an enormous scowl (Image source: YouTube)
All of them start gearing up for battle (Image source: YouTube)

Not only will fans see all these characters come together in an epic crossover, but Entertainment Weekly also reported that the living actors who voiced their princesses will all come together! We won’t have to hear Pocahontas talking with an alien voice, but will hear Irene Bedard’s original sound.

In total, Auli’l Cravalho will play Moana, Kristen Bell will voice Anna, Idina Menzel will be Elsa, Kelly MacDonald will play Merida, Mandy Moore will be Rapunzel, Linda Larkin will return as Jasmine and Paige O’Hara will voice Belle, among others.

Later, they talk about their real issues, putting rest to princess stereotypes (Image source: YouTube)

Disney fans have taken Twitter by storm after finding out about this major crossover. They have been gushing over their ‘childhood dreams coming true’.

Pocahontas’ expression and Rapunzel’s hair have been among the main topics of discussion.

Some also argued that this is better than The Avengers.

Pocahontas proves herself to be a true fiery princess and her scowl when she sees Vanellope is on point. However, the Rapunzel issue is a little bit more confusing as the princess is seen with full flowing golden locks. Fans remember that she last cut off her blond hair to save Eugene from certain death. She had a dark brown pixi cut going on.

Fans also want to know whether the princesses will just have a few cameo appearances or whether they will be an integral part of the plot. These questions will definitely be answered when the Wreck-It Ralph sequel comes out on November 21, 2018.

Meanwhile, watch the trailer here:

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